Preclinical Toxicology Support

No one has more experience in early stage drug product development of topicals. Whether it’s converting an oral molecule to topical administration or repurposing a known molecule, we can help. Tergus has alliances and working relationships with many CROs for IND-exploratory tox studies.

We don’t just work with formulations developed at Tergus. We can take your formulation and design the required toxicology or preclinical studies in order to open an IND or confirm the formulation’s safety.

Starting with the largest IVRT and skin-penetration facility, we can create a seamless experience from IVRT to feasibility assessments. We can handle any project from formulation to dossier or we can simply offer expert advice on study protocols and other preclinical issues.

Services Include:

  • Preclinical Support
  • In Vitro Release Testing (IVRT)
  • Skin Penetration Studies
  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Clinical Study Protocol Creation