Skin Penetration Studies

Your API needs to reach its target and maintain efficacy, so skin penetration and permeation studies are a necessity. Tergus is the recognized leader in the skin permeation and penetration studies and our impeccable track record speaks for itself.

We can help you screen and select actives with optimal penetration properties, characterize the skin distribution of active ingredients and quantify which formulation delivers the API to its target skin layer. We can also compare your optimized formulation to competing products and help predict in vivo penetration.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities feature best-in-class equipment that are fully compliant with GLP, cGMP and ICH requirements, ensuring data reliability and regulatory compliance. We have a dedicated laboratory for the analysis of cytotoxic, teratogenic and uncharacterized products and is approved to work with controlled drugs, Schedules I-IV. We have the largest bank of IVRT Franz Diffusion cells and facilities to support studies designed with human skin.

Services Include:

  • Screening and selection of actives with optimal penetration properties
  • Characterization of the skin distribution for active ingredients
  • Optimization of formulations to reach target skin layer
  • Comparison of optimized formulations to competing products
  • Prediction of in vivo penetration

Tissue types and surrogate models:

  • Freshly excised human skin
  • Human cadaver skin
  • Sheep vaginal tissue
  • Porcine anoderm
  • Buccal tissues
  • 3-D Constructs (cultured skin)
  • Synthetic membranes as human skin surrogates