In business, there’s no such thing as an impulse purchase. That’s because so much is riding on every purchase decision. Throwing money at a problem or going with the company that is at the top of an Internet search can be a prescription for disaster.

Many companies try to solve that problem by choosing the largest company or the most expensive. After all, the company is big and expensive for a reason, right? This can result in being sucked into a complex and anonymous system where personal attention is a myth.

A recent Harvard Business Review blog said that small businesses are more likely to deliver superior customer service than large companies. The reasons stated are that small businesses have an innate common sense and an understanding of the power of empathy. It went on to say that customer service in large companies has devolved to scripted answers and set protocols.

In manufacturing, particularly for the vital manufacturing needed for clinical trials, it is important to marry the ability to get the work done – on time and with unimpeachable quality – and to have great, personal customer service. The best source to obtain both of those probably lays with a smaller company.

Experts agree that the choosing the right supplier or manufacturer is a strategic decision of the upmost importance. When looking for a manufacturer, it’s best to be very clear on your priorities and needs before you choose.

You want to choose a manufacturer that acknowledges how important your business is to them and that is committed to meeting or even exceeding your expectations.

Things you should look for in a manufacturer include:

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Value for Money
  • Strong Customer Service
  • Clear Communication
  • Financial Security
  • A Partnership Approach
  • A Proven Track Record

At Tergus, we know how important the manufacturing process is to your business. We take a partnership approach to every client we work with and have a proven track record of success.