While at the World Congress of Dermatology this week, we saw images and marketing that reminded us of the priorities and purpose of Tergus. Here are some of the things that stood out to us as we walked the conference floor and listened to sessions:

Passion for Dermatology. We saw this on a sign and were reminded of why we started Tergus and do the work we do. We have a passion for topical pharmaceuticals and the good they can do. We take our dedication to all things skin related into our daily work.

Skin. Where Our Worlds Meet. We saw this sign and thought, “Yup, that’s where Tergus’ worlds meet as well.” The largest organ in the body, literally the face we present to the world is where all of the scientists and employees at Tergus come together.

Our Goal is Clear. We loved this sign, because we feel that way every time we start a new project. From QbD Design of Experiments to manufacturing, we keep our goal of delivering the best to our customers top of mind.

It may sound corny, but we learned a lot from the conference, and were even able to take inspiration from a number of sources. We are looking forward to the next World Congress of Dermatology.