The 6th AGAH Dermatology Product Development Workshop has successfully wrapped its first day. The first session in the workshop was given by Tergus CEO and co-founder, Vijendra Nalamothu, PhD. Dr. Nalamothu’s session focused on discussing the Quality by Design (QbD) approach for topical formulation development. He covered an array of topics including: Utilization of Critical Material Attributes (CMAs) and Critical Process Parameters (CPPs) that are linked to the Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) in order to develop a topical product.

The session was really well received and attendees made comments after the session on how well they were able to gain insight and learn about QbD from Dr. Nalamothu. Attendees particularly appreciated how he was able to show how QbD adds to the success of topical pharmaceuticals.

To round out the morning, Dr. Nalamothu moderated three sessions: A fresh look on the relationship of dermal drug delivery and physicochemical properties, The importance of drug disposition in the skin and The importance of drug disposition in the skin. Attendees were able to learn a great deal from each of these sessions and were able to walk away from the first day with actionable information that they can take back with them.

Dr. Nalamothu and Tergus are proud to participate in and be sponsors of this event. Dr. Nalamothu is looking forward to the second day of the workshop.