Yesterday, Tergus CEO, Vijendra Nalamothu opened a master class on Designing Non-Invasive Skin Mediated Therapies, held by Gattefossé. Dr. Nalamothu discussed the importance of the right formulation in topical drug development.

One of the topics that Dr. Nalamothu covered in the master class is what can go wrong when the formulation and excipient selection are not handled well. The selection of the right excipients for topical formulations is extremely important. The drug substance may be efficacious, but its interaction with excipients may alter:

• Its ability to permeate through skin
• Its stability through shelf life
• Its ability to not metabolize in skin
• Its ability to stay dissolved at right concentrations
• Its capability to achieve desired release rates

Successful topical formulation is not only a science, but also an art, which can be seen in the selection of optimal excipients, among other aspects of the process. We blend the art and science of topical for our clients every day.