The World Congress of Dermatology ( has convened in Vancouver and the sessions and exhibits are keeping Tergus CEO Vijendra Nalamothu busy. His posts from the floor have revealed some interesting trends.

“Skin to Live in.” The theme of having skin that patients can live is frequent at the conference. Topical pharmaceuticals are often created to handle common and troubling skin ailments like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and others. These diseases are seen by many as insignificant, but patients and their families commonly report that they are extremely disruptive and have strong negative influence on quality of life. Having skin to live in goes beyond cosmetics.

Conversations around diseases like albinism sit side-by-side with technological advances like a medical microscope that attaches to a smart phone and can be used to detect skin cancers and other technological advances.

Meanwhile, attendees are treated to events like the lighting of the Olympic torch in Vancouver. This signals a significant event, since lighting the torch is extremely expensive, so it is saved for very special occasions.

This is the first of three events that Tergus is taking part in this month. To learn about the other upcoming events, visit our blog post on the subject.