Do you know what it means to be a great team member? If you thrive in a result orientated environment that requires superlative attention to detail and a commitment to quality in everything you do, there are excellent opportunities at Tergus. Tergus is for people who are inspired by scientific innovation, excellent customer service and quality. It is a place for passionate employees to engage in critical thinking, collaborate on multiple projects, and expand their careers.

We understand the importance of work-life balance and aim to help employees achieve short and long-term career aspirations. Tergus is a great place to work for those who love in-depth analysis and a passion for learning.

Opportunities for Students and Recent Graduates|

Associates and Bachelor’s students can find outstanding opportunities to apply their education and initiate their career through internships or full-time roles within our company. Apply today to join the Tergus family!

Opportunities for Experienced Professionals

Join us and be a part of our fast-paced, innovative, and dynamic team. We have career opportunities in various business areas including formulation, analytical, in vitro sciences, manufacturing, and quality.

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Tergus provides a challenging, fast-paced environment, yielding many opportunities to learn about the topical product development process. I’ve enjoyed the exposure to multiple products in a short amount of time and building relationships with various clients.


Tergus is a great place to work, where my coworkers are like a family. One of the best jobs I ever had!!!!!!!


Tergus has been a great learning experience in the two years I have been employed. I like the multiple products that we work with and the opportunity to work closely with our clients.


Every day is not the same old day and this is something that I thoroughly enjoy as it allows you to use your initiative and think outside of the box to achieve results and meet client’s expectations. The large number of diverse customers ensures that I am continually learning and expanding my pharmaceutical knowledge and experience horizons; which reminds me of why I accepted the opportunity to work for Tergus Pharma


My experience at Tergus has been great; the people are welcoming and invested in working together to succeed. As an intern, I’ve learned something about the company, the pharmaceutical industry, and working in corporate finance every day.


Tergus has been a great learning experience for me. I have the opportunity to be involved in several projects and address various scientific challenges.


I like working here, in a fast-paced environment, with all the knowledgeable and innovative minds. I have developed my analytical skills and learned a lot as well, at Tergus.


I enjoy researching and developing new product as well as solving problems to support clients' need. And Tergus gives me this opportunity to excel in whatever I do.


Morning: I see Opportunities; Evening: I feel like I learnt something new That’s my every day at Tergus!


I have been with Tergus Pharma for 3 years and what a three year it has been. My tenure with the company has grown my knowledge of drug development well beyond CMC. I can only hope that the next years will be provide as much growth and fulfilment as the past have been.
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