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Find out more about why choosing the right Manufacturing partner is important.

Why it’s important to choose the right manufacturing partner to deliver rapid and flexible scale-up.

1. An Unexpected increase in demand…

2 …drives near term need to expand manufacturing capacity.

3. But current capacity is insufficient and can’t be scaled up quickly enough.

4. Need to find a manufacturing partner that can help mitigate risks for:


Tech transfer ( Quality , Supply Chain)

Tergus Pharma provides a seamless and rapid tech transfer process for generic, branded or OTC topical dermatologic products. Because of our sole focus on topicals, we have a unique understanding of the varying risks and needs when choosing a CDMO. With extensive cGMP experience and our state-of-the-art platform dedicated to topical products, we are uniquely positioned to provide rapid scale-up and offer flexibility for bulk, secondary packaging or finished goods.


Missed Revenue ( Ramp up fast )

Your CDMO partner’s equipment and capabilities should have the ability to adjust to fit your specific scale-up needs. Tergus Pharma built a flexible manufacturing platform that supports 30L to 1500L batch sizes on the same manufacturing equipment, accelerating turnaround times by eliminating the need for re-validation.

Tergus Pharma provides a seamless and rapid tech transfer process for topical dermatologic products with a high level of flexibility to accommodate your evolving needs