Skin Biology

Skin Biology

A solid foundation of proof and true scientific understanding requires not just experimentation, but conclusive experiments conducted in a timely fashion. We have many talented people and many high-quality pieces of equipment. But what makes the real difference is our ability to use all our tools and talents in the way that constantly reduces ambiguity and is most productive for the development process.


Early Safety Screening

  • Skin Irritation
  • Skin Sensitization
  • Ocular Irritation
  • Phototoxicity

Drug Activity/Target Engagement Models

  • Retinoid Activity
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • UV Protection
  • Skin Pigmentation/Lightening
  • Ex Vivo Tissue Culture
  • Reconstructed/3D Human Skin
  • Genetically-Modified Human Skin

Consulting Services

  • Strategy for Topical Formulation Development
  • Claims Support
  • Study Design
  • Target/Asset Assessment

Drug Delivery & Early DMPK

  • Skin Penetration (Distribution & Flux)
  • IVRT
  • Skin Binding
  • Early DMPK
  • PK/PD modeling

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