Why We’re Different

Why We’re Different




More than just a CRO, at Tergus we work with your development team as an extension of your own laboratory. In doing so, we leverage our core strength, our team’s technical leadership in topical development. Our unparalleled expertise ranges from Concept to Commercialization for any semi-solid product.


We are experts at risk-based approaches, strategic planning and innovative drug product design, and implementation of QbD principles. We can help you identify “Go/No Go” decisions earlier and help your company avoid unnecessary costs and delays.


Using years of developmental experience, combined with understanding the best path forward for clinical and regulatory affairs, we are the single destination to reach topical product development goals.

Focus on Topicals

The primary focus of Tergus Pharma is semi-solid product development, formulation, analysis, testing, cGMP clinical supply manufacturing.

Novel Formulations

We develop novel formulations and platform technologies providing clients with a competitive edge.

Intellectual Property Generation

Tergus Pharma can work to develop intellectual property exclusively for the use of clients, providing a superior market position.


Tergus can handle multiple projects of formulation development, IVRT, scale-up & tech transfer activities.

Globally recognized expertise

Founders Dr. Kailas Thakker and Dr. Vijendra Nalamothu are globally recognized experts in the field of dermatology drug development and analysis. Dr. Thakker has been speaking globally on the topic of in vitro release (Franz diffusion) method development, validation and testing including workshops on theory and application.

Regulatory Scope of Services

Dr. Nalamothu has worked for years with early stage compounds evaluating feasibility for topical drug products. He has extensive experience moving programs from development through clinical trials, through early and late stage regulatory, and through scale up and commercial site manufacturing.

Client Categories

Tergus has collaborated with a range of clientele, ranging from big pharmaceutical companies to startups.

Big Pharmaceutical Companies:

Large pharma companies trust Tergus because of our quality and delivery standards. Topical formulation development is a niche market, requiring specialized experience that is not always available in large labs. Therefore, large pharma companies outsource to Tergus to manage the complete development program.

Midsize Pharmaceutical Companies:

Mid-size sized pharmaceutical companies with unique pipelines may often be limited by budgetary constraints or infrastructure. Tergus comes to the rescue by providing exceptional services with risk mitigation strategies and reduced capital investments.

Emerging Pharmaceutical Companies:

Limited resources can delay progression to the next phase for start-ups and virtual companies. Tergus utilizes stage-wise R&D to help emerging companies secure funding and progress to the next phase of product development. Budgetary restrictions can be a big hurdle to be the first-to-market player, but Tergus has solutions to facilitate your product release.

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